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Here are some of the benefits of the Parma Health Ministry (PHM):

  • Cost
    PHM services and most related healthcare are provided at no cost to the patient.

    There will be a charge for some services not provided by PHM. Usually, the patient will be notified in advance.

  • Prescriptions
    Assistance evaluating the availability of medications via PAP's (Prescription Assistance Programs) is provided.

  • Services
    General medical care will include physical examination and treatment covering a full range of medical problems.  Treatment is provided solely through the efforts of dedicated medical volunteers, including physicians, nurses and clerical assistants. 

If an acute emergency situation arises, patients need to go to the Parma Community Hospital Emergency Room - they may be charged for ER services rendered.

To see if you are eligible for the PHM's services, please go to: Am I Eligible?


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To get in touch with us, please call 440-843-8087 or complete the following form. Please fill in all required fields.

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Parma Community General Hospital


Parma Hospital Health Care Foundation


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